Camper storage ideas.

My mother in law stores a years worth of supplies in her RV. I used her inspiration to put together these ideas for our weekend camper.

I put our silverware, straws, napkins in a basket that can be stowed in a cabinet when we are underway and live on the table when we are set up. 

I got the placemats on clearance one dollar for a dozen. I use them in cabinets and under anything that sits on something. They are thicker than shelf paper and come in multiple colors.

Shoe bins from Ikea were in the clearance section. I have several of these that I keep food in. At the end of our trip they come out of the cabinet in the camper and go into the pantry in our house. I have one I keep spices in and one for zip lock bags and foil. These stack on top of each other like little shelves. The other cubes I fill with what we are using each day. So at the beginning of the day I take out a box and put it on the counter to use. When it’s empty these fold flat and get tucked out of the way.

My office supplies on the road consist of a three ring binder pencil case hung on a command hook. This little bag has come in so useful. It is easy to grab a pen and paper for a list or put the bag on the table for making out notes or a bill. I keep markers and note cards inside and the small outer zipper holds stamps and membership cards.

My daughter in law helped me come up with this idea. My camper only has two drawers and the only breakable dishware are our coffee mugs. We bought plastic  three ring binders at walmart and cut them to fit around the mugs, with the puff placemat to fit underneath. They are snug and easy to get to. We are going to put a cam lock on the top drawer so we can securely hold wallets and purses while we are camping.

We have a cabinet that has an odd shape inside, it is like a V. So we put in a sturdy market basket for our laundry. It is located between the bathroom and bed room so it makes a perfect dumping spot. At the end of our trip I take the basket home and wash everything up then use the basket to bring everything back to the trailer.

The cabinet under our bathroom sink is only 7 inches deep. I found this closetmaid mini cubicle on Amazon’s warehouse deals for 10 buck. It had scratches on the outside bottom panel that you can’t see and fits the cabinet perfectly.

Another brilliant idea from my daughter in law. The cups are velcroed to the shelves. Depending on who is camping we stack up the unused cups which leaves space for the small makeup bags we bring on the trip. There are a few cups with no names for guests. On the bottom shelf I have a bag full of sunscreen, a small nail kit and a bag of beauty samples just for fun.

We are still figuring out how to best use the space we have, I’ll share as new ideas come along.

Author: hywayhunny

My husband and I both have children from previous marriages. We are what you would call a blended family. We both work with computer. I like to craft and code programs. We have 5 children 15 to 27, an amazing daughter in law and my Mom makes 9. All totalled we have three dogs, three cats, three birds and two chinchillas. Our home is not what you call calm but we do our best and love every crazy minute of it.

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