Glamping campsite

We stayed at Cape cod campground that offers “glamp sites”. These sites come with paved spot for the camper, stone paver patio, stone campfire ring, andorondack chairs and a circular picnic table. The site is manicured with a pine needle ground covering. We arrived in the dark again, our good plans seem to go haywire at the last minute. Some friendly campers across the street turned on ther headlights for us which made things easier. We also discovered that buying two sewer lines does not mean we have the right coupler to join them together. Not a big problem as the store at the campground had what we needed in the morning. The problem with arriving in the dark is you don’t know what the area looks like until morning. Wow it was beautiful. We are camped across from a nice pond underneath beautiful aged tree. We are around the corner from the dog park so the puppypies were thrilled. Our baby girl joined us on this trip, and got to spend some quality time with Dad. Can remember last time they were able to do that. Mom and I enjoyed time together too. Yes that included movies and napping. At night we had the obligatory Smores, nummy. The chairs and fire pit made it so easy and comfortable. Our oldest son and daughter in law were able to join us later in the evening. What a wonderful day. 

This trip I brought an old tin bucket that I had spray painted. It is big enough to hold a gallon size zip lock bags. I am using this to hold our organic trash such a peels and scraps while we are preparing dinner. I can zip it closed so the smell doesn’t get into the trailer while we eat dinner then it can go to the dumpster with the rest of the trash.  

You can also see in the background, what we call in the south, a salt pig. This is a magnetic craft tin that I have stuck to the stove filled with sea salt.

Author: hywayhunny

My husband and I both have children from previous marriages. We are what you would call a blended family. We both work with computer. I like to craft and code programs. We have 5 children 15 to 27, an amazing daughter in law and my Mom makes 9. All totalled we have three dogs, three cats, three birds and two chinchillas. Our home is not what you call calm but we do our best and love every crazy minute of it.

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