What do you mean I can’t use the bathroom in the camper?

We arrived at our site last night to find that our grey water and black water outlets had been damaged. This was our first trip that was a distance from our home so of course something had to go wrong. We called Campers Inn where we bought the trailer and again there customer service shines. We will bring the camper in next week for the repair. For now, we are at the Big E, Massachusetts state fair, with no sewage capabilities. 

Luckily we are near the bath house. They are fairly clean but the windows are just chicken wire, no glass so the bathroom is cold. I did a quick evaluation of what I had with me to accommodate our new found independence from water. We had a gallon size jug with a spigot that I use for drinks for the kids that we can fill with water, wet wipes and foaming dish soap. What I don’t have is a bucket for the used water, or do I know where I would dump it except for maybe the dumping station. 

I miss my bathroom!

Author: hywayhunny

My husband and I both have children from previous marriages. We are what you would call a blended family. We both work with computer. I like to craft and code programs. We have 5 children 15 to 27, an amazing daughter in law and my Mom makes 9. All totalled we have three dogs, three cats, three birds and two chinchillas. Our home is not what you call calm but we do our best and love every crazy minute of it.

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