Little touches during the off season

So far we have only had weekend excursion in our camper since we bought it last fall. This summer we have our first week long trip planned. Luckily, my Mom and Dad in law will be going with us. I can’t wait! Although it has made me think about how to store all of our things in a way that will be easy to maintain.

Bedroom closet hanging shelves

The first thing I added was hanging closet shelves that seem to be a staple on all camper organization blogs. What I learned is that there is a vast difference in quality and price for these things. A lot of the affordable ones that were under $10 were made with cardboard support on the bottom shelf only or they were made with non-woven material. Non-woven material is that fabric that is very popular for reusable shopping bags, but if you get a hole in it it’so worthless. I found those pictured made of fabric with plastic sheet supports in the bottom and middle shelf. They were too long for our cabinets so I cut the bottom three cubbies off to use for another project which is why I needed the right materials.

DIY Broom closet insert

I took the two bottom hanging shelves that I had cut off and stapled them to 1 x 1 outdoor patio posts. The plastic support was important to increase the sturdiness.

I placed this in the wardrobe to hold cleaning supplies. I used rubberized hooks to hold it in place on the clothes “rod”. In our camper our “rod” is a metal bracket with triangle holes in it. The vacuum is also held in place with rubberized hooks.

One of the things I love about the camper is the glass fronts on the cabinets. When we were camper shopping my Mom in law had told me how important it was to have cabinets that have big doors so you can put bins in them and get them out easily. Of course she was spot on, I love the kitchen/dining area cabinets.


I hot glued fairy lights to the ceiling of the cabinets. I made sure to leave enough cord for the battery pack to be taken out and changed. They turn on automatically and stay on for 4 or 8 hours. They give ambience to the camper at night and are great for watching TV.


I also love the circular corner shower in the bathroom. Beside the shower is a small wall that is at an odd angle. I found an oval trash can with a lid that fit snuggly at the bottom and a small wine rack to hold towels. I installed it using wall anchors. If you look closely you can see that I installed the bolts that attach the two pieces backwards so that the nut does not rub against the wall while we are on the road.


These were fairly easy installs that I think will increase our storage capacity and accessibility for the upcoming camping season. If you need more detail on how I did anything leave me a comment and I will give you step by step instructions.

Thank you for reading and following my blog.

Author: hywayhunny

My husband and I both have children from previous marriages. We are what you would call a blended family. We both work with computer. I like to craft and code programs. We have 5 children 15 to 27, an amazing daughter in law and my Mom makes 9. All totalled we have three dogs, three cats, three birds and two chinchillas. Our home is not what you call calm but we do our best and love every crazy minute of it.

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